The Body is a Wonderland...

bod·y [ˈbɒd-ee] noun, the physical part of a person; the flesh, as opposed to the spirit; consistency of substance; the largest or main part of anything.

The body...what would be without our this awesome vessel? It is with us wherever we go, It contains everything we are and ever will be. While it isn't who we are, so much as what we are it is where we spend our entire lives and it is also where one should feel the most comfortable.

It's our protector, our home, our temple, our instrument. Our one and only that provides for us through sickness and health. Is should be our first love although it often isn't. It's an amazing, awe inspiring wonderland of possibility.

This blog is about my journey back to fitness and a healthy weight (again). If you are looking for INFORMATION and MOTIVATION to be your best you whether it be to lose weight, get fit or improve your health...hopefully you'll find it here!

"Your body is a reflection of your daily habits and consistency of behavior, not the occasional choice."

Keep it healthy my friends...
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